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Laser tattoo removal

About one third of people who have a tattoo regret having it. In the past there was little that could be done about this problem apart from covering it up. Today it is possible to remove the tattoo by using a laser.

Removing a tattoo requires a number of sessions. The actual number of sessions depends on the age of the tattoo, size, type of tattoo (amateur or professional) as well as the colour of the client’s skin. An amateur tattoo may be removed after a few sessions while a professional tattoo may take as many as ten sessions.

A Q-switched Nd-YAG laser is used to shatter the ink particles so that the body’s immune system can remove them. A space of six weeks to two months between sessions allows this process to occur. During treatment clients describe the laser pulse on their skin rather like hot oil or grease splatter on their skin.

A free consultation will allows us to determine your suitability for laser tattoo removal.

For clients who wish an earlier outcome for their tattoo removal we offer the R20 technique for those that are suitable. This technique involves lasering the tattoo four times in one session with a twenty minute wait between each lasering. The result being fewer sessions and less time for the tattoo to be removed.

Many clients experience swelling as a result of the treatment. There is also the possibility of blistering and scabbing a day or so after the treatment that may last for a week or so. The treated area should be keep dry and gently washed with soap and carefully dried. A cold compress may be used to help any swelling that occurs. A sterile dressing may also be used for the first few days. Picking any scabs that form should be avoided as this can lead to scarring.

Tattoo removal in Erith, Kent

Tattoo before lasering at Erith clinic

Tattoo after lasering at Erith clinic

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