Laser and IPL hair removal

Using our X-Lase Biotec machine which combines IPL and a Nd-YAG laser we are able to treat all skin types for hair removal safely and effectively. The light energy from the machine heats up the hair which in turn heats up and destroys the hair follicle without influencing the surrounding tissue.

A number of sessions are required as only the hair follicles in the growth stage or anagen phase can be destroyed. The number of sessions depends on factors such as hair density, location and skin colour. During the course of treatment the hair must only be shaved and not waxed or plucked. Sun bathing or the use of sun beds must also be avoided during treatment and broadband SPF30 sun block used to protect the skin. On average six to eight sessions are required at six week intervals.

During the treatment each pulse of light feels like a little sting. Most clients do not find the treatment particularly uncomfortable due to of the machines skin cooling technology. The most common side effect is some redness of the skin after treatment which quickly diminishes.

Because energy must be absorbed by the hair it is not possible to treat clients for hair removal that have blond or grey hair.


Before laser hair removal

After laser hair removal