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Skin Rejuvenation

An IPL skin rejuvenation can reduce the visible signs of aging. Photorejuvenation will improve the texture of the skin and reduce fine wrinkles by increasing fibroblast growth resulting in better collagen fibres. The treatment will help in reducing rosacea (redness of the skin), age spots or sun damage and thread veins. A facial rejuvenation will result in a younger and healthier looking face.

A course of six treatments at two to three week intervals will be required. During treatment there may be some redness and slight swelling. Side effects such as blistering and crusting are rare, but heal quickly without scaring. After treatment, areas which are pigmented will darken and gradually shed resulting in new skin without the pigmentation. During treatment active sun bathing or use of sun beds must be avoided because of the skins increased sensitivity to light. Broadband SPF30 sun block should be used to protect the skin during the treatment period. 

Skin rejuvination in Erith, Kent

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