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Thread Vein Removal

Telangiectasia or thread veins are small blood vessels which run close to the skins surface. They look like fine red or purple wiggly lines. Some people are more prone to this problem than others with women being more likely to develop them than men because of hormonal changes during menopause and pregnancy. About half of women will have developed thread veins by the time they reached forty.

Using our Nd-YAG laser we can destroy the vein by focusing the pulsed laser light on the vein. On absorbing the energy the vein is cauterised and the blood flow stop causing the vein to disappear. Most clients see a very noticeable difference after just one or two treatments. For most, the treatment involves very little pain or discomfort with only minor swelling and no down time after the procedure.

Before laser thread vein treatment

After laser thread vein treatment

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