Laser Beauty Solutions Erith
105 High Street
Erith DA8 1RG
01322 409308
07941 625496


Laser Thread Vein Removal

I had suffered from thread veins on my face for a number of years and when I had the opportunity to have laser treatment at a reasonable cost, I went for it. The results were amazing! I could not believe the difference even after the first treatment. I have been so happy with the results that I am now undergoing a course of skin rejuvenation to reduce rosacea and I no longer have to wear layers of cover-up make-up. I would certainly recommend George to anybody.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Having lived with toe nail fungus for 20 years I decided to undergo treatment at Laser Beauty Solutions. I found them to be friendly and very informative in explaining the treatment program to me. The treatment itself was only mildly uncomfortable. After just a few months I was happy to see new uninfected nail growth and I am now looking forward to seeing that ugly nail fungus grow out completely. I can highly recommend Laser Beauty Solutions to anyone suffering from this problem.

Laser Hair Removal

As I am of Afro-Caribbean origin I was concerned about having laser hair removal having read that people of my colour had been burnt during this type of treatment. During the consultation George explained to me that at Laser Beauty Solutions they would use a laser and not an ipl machine and that the treatment would be perfectly safe. He was true to his word and I am really pleased with the results. Thank you laser beauty solutions.
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